How to become the best at writing a thematic essay

A thematic essay is a written work in which the author applies various literary techniques, such as:

  1. Metaphors;
  2. Personification;
  3. Picturesqueness and other.

The main task of the author in writing a thematic essay is to justify the importance of the chosen topic. Thus, he must not only convincingly express his point of view on the topic, but also give weighty arguments and evidence showing the correctness of this point of view.

Stages of writing a thematic essay

There are several stages of writing a thematic essay. Consistently perform each of them for the best results:

  1. Preparatory stage. At this stage, you collect all the necessary information from available sources, study it and correctly process it for further use in writing a thematic essay. As sources of information can be used textbooks, scientific publications and works, magazines, Newspapers and more.
  2. Notes. When working with sources of information, be sure to take notes on key points that are directly related to the topic of your essay. This way you pay attention to the points on which your thematic essay will be based.
  3. Introduction. The first structural part of the thematic essay is the introduction. Here you give a brief description of your essay, as well as indicate the main thesis in favour of which the arguments and evidence will be given in the essay.
  4. The main part. Writing this part is the most difficult. This is where you conduct research and analysis of the object, express your opinion about it and conduct strong evidence and arguments in its favour.
  5. Conclusion. In this part of the thematic essay, summarize everything that was said in the main part. However, remember that you do not need to repeat the information, and you need to make brief but convincing conclusions on its basis. Thus, the reader should finally make sure that you are right.
  6. Correction. Read your essay carefully after you have written a draft or ask one of your friends or family to do so. It is best to do this after 2-3 days. If after reading you find that your thematic essay is not convincing enough or it has any shortcomings, you have to proceed to correct it.

Guidelines for writing a thematic essay

  1. Before you start writing a thematic essay, make sure that you understand the essence of the assignment, carefully studied the sources of information and properly processed it for writing an essay.
  2. Make a detailed plan for your thematic essay. This will greatly facilitate the work with sources of information and the process of writing an essay.
  3. Write strictly in accordance with the chosen theme and try not deviate from it.
  4. Make sure there is a logical connection between paragraphs. Each subsequent paragraph should be a logical continuation of the previous one.
  5. Your thematic essay should be properly designed in accordance with applicable regulations and requirements. Particular attention should be paid to the design of quotations, links and sources of information.